Wayne County Sherriff’s Deputy Injured

Winter weather and speed combined yesterday resulting in another road-side injury to a police officer in Wayne county. The officer, handling another traffic accident, was struck when a box truck, unable to slow enough to avoid another collision caused a chain reaction accident. His truck hit the deputy and knocked him into the ditch. The deputy was standing behind his vehicle at the time.

While the deputy is scheduled to be released from the hospital, he was lucky to come away from the accident with his life.

Too often, semi and box truck drivers pay little attention to the conditions of the road, putting pedestrians and safety officials at greater risk. This is another incident in which a driver, unaware of the conditions and the circumstances, caused property damage and personal injury.

The personal injury attorneys in our office encourage every driver to be aware and drive defensively and safely. It is the law in the state of Indiana that drivers who see flashing lights on the side of the road must pull into the adjacent lane if possible and to reduce their speed to 10 mph below the posted rate. If every driver would take these necessary precautions, the roads would be safer.