Unnecessary CT Scans Expose Children to Radiation Risks

kidney%20scan.jpgMany children who suffer abdominal trauma every year may not need a CT scan, to diagnose the injury. In fact, putting children through an unnecessary CT scan actually exposes them to the risk of injuries from such unnecessary radiation.

It’s no secret that children may be at a much higher risk of injury from excessive radiation, compared to adults. The problem is that a child’s delicate body may be at a much higher risk of injury, even while receiving a normal dose of radiation during a CT scan. Therefore, it makes sense that children should not receive unnecessary CT scans, and that scans should not be recommended unless they are necessary.

Unfortunately, defensive medicine encourages CT scans and all kinds of other radiation-related diagnostic techniques to be used on children, even when these are not necessary. A study recently found that not every child who suffers an abdominal injury really needs a CT scan.

An emergency room doctor, who has a patient with an abdominal injury can look for the presence of seven factors before recommending a CT scan. If he finds these seven factors he can recommend a scan. However, if these factors are not present, then there is a very minute chance that the child needs a CT scan.