Trucking Apps Abound But Distraction Risks Continue

phones and apsApp developers have been targeting trucking drivers with a number of very innovative apps that target the special concerns and needs of truck drivers. These apps have increased in popularity, but Indiana trucking accident attorneys, and even the trucking industry, believes that the use of these apps could increase the risk of distractions while driving.

A number of apps specifically targeting truckers have recently been released in the market in the past few years. One such app, The Trucker Path, is based on a Yelp-like service for truckers. The app currently boasts of more than 300,000 active users per month, and offers user reviews of truck stops and truck rest areas.  Another app called CargoMatic allows drivers to check listed local shipments as well as determine whether they have enough space in their vehicle for the shipments. Some apps allow drivers to legally skip inspection stops.

These apps may be making things easier for truck drivers, but there are distraction risks attached. Anytime a truck driver introduces smartphone technology into a truck cab, the risk of distractions rises dramatically and becomes quite a concern. The trucking industry is quite cautious about approving the use of these apps.  According to the American Trucking Associations, these apps are probably useful for drivers, but the ongoing safety of truck drivers as well as other motorists sharing the road must be considered. A truck driver who is using an app to locate a trucking stop who is fatigued, could ironically enough be involved in an accident while he is distracted by the app.

When it comes to distractions and truck drivers, the best rule for safety is simple and direct:  Keep your eyes on the road. Any technology that encourages a truck driver to frequently take his hands off the steering and his eyes off the road exponentially increases a risk of an accident, no matter how useful the app. Voice-activated apps could address part of the problem, but would still constitute a distraction.

If you were injured in an accident due to a distracted driver, talk to an Indiana trucking accident lawyer about your options. The lawyers at Montross Miller Muller Mendelson Kennedy, LLP are dedicated to the representation of persons injured in trucking accidents across Indiana.