Think Football Is the Most Brain Injury-Prone Sport? Think Again.

Several rough sports, like football, have a bad reputation when it comes to brain injury. However, the most brain injury-prone sport, may be something else altogether. According to a recent study by the journal Neurological Focus, the sport that causes the highest number of brain injuries every year is not even a contact sport.

horse ridingSurprisingly, the sport of greatest concern is horse riding. According to the study which focused on brain injuries documented in a database, the sport that caused the highest number of brain injuries was horseback riding, contributing to approximately 45% of brain injuries involving adults. Horse riding, in fact was the single leading cause of brain injury, with the second leading cause of brain injury involving contact sports like football and soccer. However, these two sports accounted for just about 20% of all brain injuries that occurred while playing sports.

That’s not the only study that points to the dangers of riding a horse. Another study that focused on children and adults found that horse riding was the third leading cause of brain injuries. In fact, horseback riding is actually much more closely linked to injuries that result in hospital admissions, than other types of high-risk activities, including motorcycling.

The focus on brain injuries typically centers on contact sports. Sports like football and soccer tend to expose players to several repeated concussions over a period of time. However, in horse-riding, an injury is much more likely to occur in a single fall, causing serious injury, swelling or bleeding in the brain. A horseback rider is less likely to suffer several hits to the brain, but even a single major injury is sufficient to cause long-lasting, and even permanent damage.

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