The Psyche of an Aggressive Driver

00000%20driver.jpgCompulsive, materialistic people, who view their car as an extension of themselves, are much more likely to drive aggressively. That intriguing insight into the psyche of aggressive motorists comes from a study into the values and attitudes that define these motorists.

The study is titled Aggressive Driving: A Consumption Experience, and was conducted by a professor at the Temple University Fox School of Business. The study outlines many reasons for Indiana personal injury lawyers to be concerned about aggressive drivers. Every year, aggressive driving is blamed for approximately one third of all auto accidents that result in injuries. Such driving is also to blame for two thirds of all accidents that result in deaths.

Some facts concerning aggressive drivers are almost common knowledge. For instance, male motorists are much more likely to drive aggressively than female drivers. The researchers however, wanted to define the personality characteristics of aggressive drivers more finely than that. Therefore, they conducted two studies and came to the following conclusions:
• Drivers who consider their vehicles as an extension of their own selves are much more likely to be territorial about the road and the vehicle. Such people may be more likely to feel compelled to defend their car at any cost, and therefore, more likely to exhibit aggressive driving behaviors.
• Materialism is also linked to aggressive driving.
• Drivers compulsive tendencies are also likely to drive aggressively without worrying about the consequences of such behaviors.
• Indiana car accident lawyers are not surprised at all to see that young drivers are much more likely to display aggressive driving practices. There are several reasons for this: These drivers still do not have fully developed personalities, and therefore, may feel the need to show off their car to extreme limits. Additionally, young drivers may suffer from overconfidence, and lack an appreciation of the risks of aggressive driving.
• Drivers who are under severe time or other pressures are also more likely to drive aggressively.

What is also a matter of concern is that aggressive drivers frequently break the law. Many of the motorists in the study who admitted to driving aggressively also admitted to multiple incidents of breaking the law.

The term “aggressive driving” can refer to a broad variety of undesirable driving practices. These can include driving at speeds that are not just beyond the posted speed limits, but are too high for prevailing traffic and weather conditions. Aggressive drivers are also more likely to follow the vehicle ahead too closely. They also make frequent lane changes, distracting or startling other motorists. All of these behaviors can result in accidents that end with serious injuries or fatalities.

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