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wheelchair 085There is no complete cure for cerebral palsy. The condition is irreversible and often devastating.  However, modern medicine has contributed to the development of therapies and medical practices that can reduce the severity of  the symptoms of cerebral palsy.

Treatment for cerebral palsy is often designed simply to improve the capabilities of the child who suffers the brain injury. A child with cerebral palsy is at risk of a number of cognitive, physical and mental disabilities, but there are ways that you can manage the disability, and encourage the child to enjoy normal experiences.

Treatment must begin as quickly as possible in order to best manage these disabilities. Once your child has received a diagnosis, a team of doctors must work together to fully identify all the impairments that he faces. With the wide variety of possible impairments, it isn’t surprising that there isn’t one treatment regimen that is recommended for cerebral palsy.  Doctors must design an appropriate treatment plan that will manage the unique combination of disabilities that the child faces.