Summer Essentials for Your Car

dangerous%20road.jpgSummer driving can place additional strain on your car, with long holiday driving on roads that are often clogged with traffic. Your car safety kit will need a few extra items to help you drive safely this summer.

Here are a few essentials to throw into your kit. You will probably already have a number of all-season essentials, including jumper cables, duct tape, flashlight, a fully charged cell phone, and repair equipment for routine maintenance, like tire changes. However, during summer, you will also need to pack extra water. Keep at least 1-gallon of water for every additional passenger in your car.

Keep a tire jack and lug wrench, a multi-tool set, and a pocket knife. Car breakdowns are frequent during summer, and the last thing that you want to do when you are coping with a car breakdown on a long highway with no help in sight, is a couple of kids and no potable water. Bear in mind that summer means a higher chance of your car heating, and breakdowns.

Many people believe cold weather hardest on your car. However, experts report that the extreme heat conditions of summer are the real threat to an engine, transmission, and battery. Having your care checked by a certified mechanic before the summer season, and especially a long vacation, is always a wise investment. Ignoring the check engine light, or that funny sound, or the delayed start in the mornings are signs that your car may be suffering from need of repair.

There is a magic to summer driving that simply doesn’t exist the rest of the year. However, make sure that you are driving safely this summer by ensuring that your car is well-maintained, and that the car kit contains essentials that can help you tide over any emergency.

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