Study Proves Music Affects Driving Skills

speaker.jpgIt is well-known that your accident risk increases with the speed of your car. New research finds that those risks also increase with the pace of the music that you listen to while you’re driving.

Those are the findings of a new study that was conducted by researchers at London Metropolitan University. The research found that music with a fast tempo and racy beats is much more likely to increase a person’s accident risks, because it encourages behaviors like reckless driving and speeding.

The researchers put the subjects through a driving simulator. The meter was set to 500 miles, and the first half of the trip was completed in silence, with no music playing in the car. During the second half of the trip, the motorists listened to different types of music playing on the stereo.

The researchers found that different types of music seemed to affect a person’s driving in different ways. Hip-hop music increased the risk of aggressive driving, while rock music increase speeding and distractions. Even classical music, which you would think encourages a person to drive safely, actually increases inconsistent and erratic driving.

In fact, all fast-paced music, including classical music, seemed to increase a person’s risk of aggressive driving. In contrast, music that mimicked the human heartbeat, or had 60 to 80 beats per minute, was the safest music to drive to.

The research found that music by bands like Coldplay and Norah Jones were the safest songs to drive to. The worst songs? Black-Eyed Peas, Ray Charles, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and Guns N’ Roses were found to have the worst effect on driving abilities.

It’s hard to tell how reliable the study is, considering that it included a grand total of 8 subjects. Moreover, in 2010, similar studies of music styles found that songs by Coldplay were actually very likely to induce a motorist to doze off at the wheel. That isn’t exactly safe driving behavior.

However, there have been other studies conducted in the past that have found a link between high adrenaline levels and aggressive driving and speeding. There’s no doubt that certain types of music, including rock music and fast-paced music, can increase a person’s adrenaline levels. Similar changes in the body can be seen when a person listens to fast-paced club music or trance music. Those high adrenaline levels can definitely increase a person’s risk of being involved in an accident.

One of the most important rules in listening to music while driving is that the music should be something that you enjoy. Listening to music that you don’t enjoy induces irritation and increases stress levels.

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