Snow and Ice, Slip and Fall

slip and fall cautionWith its location in one of the colder regions of the country, Indiana often sees heavy snowfall and ice accumulation during winter. Public places that see such collections of snow and ice may be magnets for falls and when an accident does occur, complex issues of liability may arise.

When a fall accident involves snow or ice around a public place in Indiana, the issue of who is liable for your injuries is not always clear-cut. Should you sustain injuries as a result of a fall outside a local grocery store, you may have the right to go ahead and file a claim against the owner of the grocery store or supermarket, but it’s important to discuss the matter with an attorney who will help evaluate all the issues of liability and whether the store owner is accountable for your injuries.

Issues of accumulation, timing of snowfall and ice buildup, the path you choose to take across the property, and conditions all factor into a possible claim. Overall, your case will depend on your ability to prove that the property owner was aware of the hazard on his property, and failed to remove it in a timely manner or warn consumers about it appropriately.

Merely being injured in a slip and fall accident doesn’t automatically qualify you for damages. Discuss your case with an attorney who can help sort out the variables of your case.

The Indiana slip and fall accident attorneys at Montross Miller Muller Mendelson Kennedy, LLP, represent persons who have suffered injuries in slip and fall accidents across Indiana. Contact them today to see if your injuries qualify for a potential claim.