Smart Bike Helmet Takes High-Tech Approach to Bicycle Safety

bicycle helmetA bicycle helmet is critically important to bicyclist safety. Bicyclists are at a much higher risk of suffering injuries, especially head injuries in accidents, and wearing the right kind of bicycle helmet can play a critical role in determining whether a bicyclist survives his injuries, or succumbs to them.

Although, modern bicycle helmets are sleeker, lighter, stronger and sturdier than their counterparts of the past, the fact is that helmets can be made tougher and more durable to help protect the skull from severe impact during a bicycle accident. A group of inventors is launching a new Smart bike helmet that uses innovative technology to help bicyclists avoid accidents.

The Smart bike helmet has cameras that are located both in the front and back to scan the environment around a bicyclist. Information from around the environment is processed and sent to the bicyclist. The bicyclist is alerted when a car is approaching him from behind, or when a vehicle is in his blind spot. The helmet comes with red brake lights that turn on when it detects that the bicyclist is reducing speed.

That’s not all. The helmet comes equipped with sensors that are designed to read the bicyclist’s movements, and turn the turn-signal indicators on or off. That makes for lower pressure on the bicyclist, who can simply focus on enjoying his rideAccording to the inventors, the bicycle helmet will also provide simple navigation instructions in the form of little lights that indicate whether you need to go left, right or straight. It does that with technology that is connected to your cell phone.

While most helmets are designed to protect the skull from severe injuries in an accident, this bicycle helmet goes further to help reduce the risk of an accident in the first place. It equips a bicyclist with the needed tools that allow the rider to arrive safely. Only time will tell whether this helmet lives up to its promise.

Wearing a bicycle helmet is the single biggest step you can take to help reduce the risk of injuries in an accident. A helmet doesn’t help prevent injuries to other parts of the body, but it does help reduce the risk of brain injuries, which are often fatal or severe injuries.

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