How Sim Tech Could Save Your Life

surgery-688380_640-300x200A Chicago-based startup has created a simulation technology that promises to act as a safe and realistic model for the training of surgical residents and surgeons.

The startup, founded by a mother-daughter duo, claims that they’ve created an accessible and realistic surgical model for medical students and residents. The goal is to reduce the incidence of medical errors by allowing students to practice on a simulation model that more accurately mimics the actual surgical room conditions in which residents and surgeons will later work. The company plans to have its first product, a liver surgical model that can be used for simulation of liver transplants, available on the market in the next three months.

According to the founders of PraxiCut, there are several obstacles that medical and surgical residents face when asked to practice surgery in patients. Most surgical simulations occur on cadavers, and there are several limitations involved in operating on those who have already died. For instance, there is no bleeding involved, and surgical residents may not fully appreciate the kind of complications and dangers that arise when there is sudden or unexpected bleeding in the middle of surgery. Also, due to ethical concerns, operating on animals is slowly being phased out in many hospitals.

In the absence of any realistic, accessible simulation models, residents may go into full-scale surgeries not realizing that there are several eventualities for which they are unprepared to face. PraxiCut claims to have designed a product that will bleed when, mimicking a surgical setting. It is designed to work with typical surgical instruments and tools. The model that will be available for liver transplant simulations will include an artificial liver, blood, and adipose (fat) tissues.

In the future, the startup plans to introduce models for other types of surgeries, including those involving the colon, pancreas and other vital organs.

Making medical and surgical training more efficient, and as realistic as possible could go a long way in helping surgeons and medical residents deal with the kind of complications that they see while a patient is under surgery. Surgeries are becoming more advanced. As surgical interventions care becomes more complicated and delicate, it is of vital importance that surgeons have access to more realistic simulation models that provide the best training opportunities possible.

A surgical error can be a devastating blow to a family member or loved one. On its own, surgery is a traumatic experience; but, when a patient emerges from the operating room to find that he has been the victim of an error, the trauma compounds. Many surgical errors leave the patient with a long-term disability or even fatal injuries.

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