Safe Holiday Travel: Buckle Up, Slow Down, Switch Off

seatbelt3.jpgLast year, data from the federal administration confirmed an increase in car accident fatalities in Indiana. With the year’s busiest travel season already upon us, the risk of being involved in an accident on Indiana’s roads only increases.

Add to this heavy vehicular traffic the prospect of wintry and snowy weather conditions, and the risk of an accident spikes even further.

Last year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 779 motor-vehicle accident fatalities recorded in Indiana, an increase from 751 fatalities in 2011. There were also increases in the number of alcohol-related car accident fatalities reported in Indiana last year. In 2012, there were 228 fatalities in alcohol-related accidents, compared to 207 in the previous year.

The Indiana State Police are asking all motorists to reduce their chances of suffering fatal injuries in an accident by always wearing their seat belts while driving. In addition, they ask that drivers ensure that all occupants in the car are also wearing seat belts.

With so much family travel over the holiday season, it is also important to ensure the safe restraint of children in their seats. Children below the age of two must be in a rear-facing car seat, with older children placed in a booster seat, according to their age and weight specifications.

The spike in alcohol-related car accident fatalities last year is definitely worrisome. It indicates that drunk driving continues to remain a major threat, despite the number of fatalities in these accidents declining over the past decade. However, there is no doubt that alcohol is a major threat, and drivers must remain alert to the fact that there will be many motorists driving under the influence of alcohol and sharing the road with them.

Watch out for such motorists who could be weaving between lanes, driving erratically, and speeding. Drunk drivers sometimes end up driving on the wrong side of the highway, and such behavior almost always ends in a serious accident. Report such motorists by calling 911 immediately. You’re action could save lives.

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