Safe Boating with Kids

child and boatThere’s nothing children like more than a day out on the water, and as a parent you cherish these precious memories. Remember however, that children are at a high risk of injuries in boating accidentsBoating with children involves numerous challenges. You must take precautions to make sure that your precious cargo is safe at all times. Whether you are boating with infants, toddlers, or older children, you must take all necessary safety steps.

Toddlers are much more likely to get fidgety, restless, or cranky while on a boat where there is limited space to run around, and it’s important that parents take these challenges into consideration before they get on a boat with young children. You don’t want distractions while you are boating and toddler tantrums can definitely be a distraction.

Make sure that your toddlers and infants are safely equipped with life-saving gear to keep them safe. Infants should be safely restrained in infant life jackets. Life jackets for children should have a collar that turns their head and face upwards if they’re in the water. Buy your life jackets in a very visible color like bright yellow or orange. It’s also a good idea to make sure that life jackets are equipped with a plastic safety whistle. Practice using the safety whistle with your children before they wear the jacket.

Most of all, the jacket must fit correctly. When a life jacket is only used during the Indiana summers, its easy for the children to outgrow the safety device. Checking that the jacket is not too small at the beginning of the season ensures that the life-saving device is most effective.

Toddlers are more challenging to handle on a boat because they are restless and constantly need to move. If both parents are on the boat they split the boating and parenting duties. One parent can take charge of operating the boat, while the other takes charge of the children. In addition, make sure you have games and activities planned to help keep the children occupied while on the boat.

Older children must also wear life jackets and if they have friends who are enjoying a boat ride with them, those children should be wearing life jackets as well.

Family boating trips make for an ocean of memories but it’s important to make the right safety precautions to avoid tragic accidents.

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