Progress in Efforts to Develop Brain Injury Biomarker Test

head%20xray.jpgIf efforts to develop a test that will determine the presence of brain injury through biomarkers are successful, we could soon have a simple blood test that doctors at any kind of facility could use to determine the presence of a brain injury.

Currently, procedures for the diagnosis of brain injury are fairly restricted. Doctors can diagnose injury by taking a patient’s blood pressure and other vitals, and administering memory and concentration tests. However, the chances of a missed diagnosis are always too high for Indiana personal injury lawyers to tolerate. A delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis, can radically impact a person’s chances of completely recovering from the brain injury.

Efforts to develop a test are on in full swing. The US military is investing $17 million in a study to determine brain injury biomarkers. The study will include the participation of more than 1,000 patients, and is of special importance to the military because of brain injuries among vets. Earlier this year, a company called Banyan Biomarkers Inc. conducted a study of 66 patients. The study indicated that patients with severe brain injury had extra high levels of certain proteins, called UCH-L1 in the blood.

The challenge has been in locating brain injury biomarkers in cases of mild brain injury. For instance, a concussion qualifies as a mild brain injury, but may often be misdiagnosed. If a test can determine the presence of these biomarkers or proteins, the doctor can quickly begin treatment of the injury, hastening the patient’s recovery.

Brain injuries can be some of the most life altering injuries. There are very limited treatments available, and the only option doctors have to limit the extent of the injury, is to begin treatment as quickly as possible. For that, it is necessary that the injury be diagnosed immediately.

Hopefully in the next few years, doctors will simply be able to use a blood test kit – that can be used even in small hospitals – to quickly determine the presence of a brain injury.