Optometrists Warn of Eye Injuries from Using Decorative Contact Lenses

000%20eye.jpgThis Halloween, thousands of people across Indiana may have a heightened risk of suffering serious eye injuries from the use of decorative contact lenses.

The Indiana Attorney General and the Indiana Optometric Association are joining hands to warn consumers about the risks from using these decorative contact lenses. Come Halloween, demand for these lenses will increase substantially, as people use ghoulish and scary contact lenses to complete their Halloween costumes. However, users must know that indiscriminate and improper use of these contact lenses could increase their risk of suffering a number of injuries, including corneal ulcers, abrasion, and corneal infections. Indiana optometrists are also warning about the risk of infections when people share contact lenses with each other. Some of these infections and eye injuries can be serious enough to lead to blindness.

It’s not every day that Indiana personal injury lawyers hear about blindness caused by decorative contact lenses, but optometrists believe that the risks are very real. The Food and Drug Administration categorizes contact lenses as medical devices, and therefore, contact lenses cannot be sold over-the-counter. However, Indiana consumers can walk into just about any facility, from a beauty salon to a flea market, and buy decorative contact lenses. They are even sold online.

You must buy contact lenses only on prescription by a qualified ophthalmologist. At the time of purchase, you must also be informed about the proper methods of sterilizing and disinfecting contact lenses. Additionally, contact lenses are not meant to be worn all night long. This is something that many people forget, especially during Halloween.