NHTSA Launches VR Anti- Drunk Driving Campaign

corks-640362_1280-300x200Forget about old school Public Service Announcements. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched a new virtual reality effort that it hopes will educate people about the dangers of drinking, when they know that they’re going to be operating a motor vehicle.

The virtual reality game is called Last Call, and allows users to experience walking into a bar, and understand how they can easily become progressively drunk throughout the evening. The reality game allows you to choose whether you want to enter a cocktail lounge or a sports bar, and then from there on, make various choices Рplay darts, engage in a trivia game, and so on.  As you are given choices of various drinks throughout the evening, you are allowed to understand exactly how drunk you are getting. The drinkometer allows people keep track of the alcohol that they are imbibing and over the evening, as you get progressively drunk, your vision begins to blur.

There are consequences to that drinking. You could be pulled over by a cop as you are driving home, and get arrested for drunk driving.

Whatever you think of the game, there is no doubt that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is upgrading its efforts to reach out to young millennials, and other people who may need to become more educated about the dangers of driving when they are drunk. This virtual reality game is a good step in that direction.

Efforts in combating drunk driving have stagnated over the past few years, as more attention has been focused on combating the dangers of distracted driving. As a result, the number of people killed in drunk driving accidents continues to remain stubbornly consistent. Efforts like these can help push those numbers downward again.

This holiday season, as the spirits flow, remember that you could be at serious risk to your life as well as the lives of your passengers and other motorists on the road if you drink knowing that you’re going to be driving home. Unless you have a designated driver, stay off the alcohol, and look for non-alcoholic options at every holiday party that you go to.

If you’re going to be the designated driver, abstain from drinking. If there is no designated driver around, look into a rideshare program or taxi service like Uber, to make sure that you get home safe.

If you’re hosting a party, ensure that guests have arrangements to get home safely after the party. That could involve hiring a taxi service to have guests dropped home safely after the party. Otherwise, make arrangements for guests to stay over at your place and sleep off the alcohol before they drive home the next day.

Drunk driving kills more people in accidents than any other accident factor except speeding. The Indiana drunk driving accident attorneys at Montross Miller Muller Mendelson & Kennedy, LLP represent persons injured in alcohol-related accidents across Indiana. If you have been injured in an accident, call an attorney at our firm to learn about your legal rights.