New Tool Predicts Success Rate for Cerebral Palsy Surgery

WheelchairChildren who suffer from cerebral palsy have impaired motor movements, and many of these children are put through invasive surgeries to help deal with those impairments. The surgeries aim at strengthening and lengthening the tendons, and moving muscles to help the child improve their physical capabilities. However, the success rate for these surgeries is only about 50%, which means that a vast number of children who undergo the procedures simply do not see the promised benefits.

That could soon change, however.

Researchers have developed a new assessment tool that will help determine if a child with cerebral palsy is an ideal candidate for invasive surgeries. The assessment tool was developed by researchers at the University Of Washington Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the quantitative tool is called Walk-DMC.

The assessment tool is based on data derived from electromyography tests. The researchers found that children who scored highly on the Walk-DMC tool before the surgical treatment seemed to have much better outcomes in improved motor function after the surgery. In short, the tool calculates the extent of the patient’s motor capabilities to evaluate how well he or she will respond to surgery. The researchers believe that this data can be used in order to more specifically determine the benefits of surgery.

According to some statistics, about one in every 1,000 children is affected by cerebral palsy. One of the major causes of cerebral palsy is brain injury during or after birth. Prolonged labor, late C-sections and other complications, or poor medical decisions before or during the birth of a child can cause the child to develop cerebral palsy.

A child with cerebral palsy will require extensive medical care, including physical therapy, rehabilitation, as well as other assistive devices over the course of his life. If your child’s cerebral palsy was the result of medical negligence, you may be able to hold the doctor, nurses, or the hospital involved in the birth accountable for your financial damages.

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