New Generation of Motorcycles Could Eliminate the Need for Helmets

motorcycle handlesMotorcyclists in Indiana can look forward to a future in which motorcycles will be so smartly designed that they will actually eliminate the need to wear any protective gear, like helmets.

BMW recently unveiled a motorcycle concept that the company believes would eliminate the need for wearing a helmet. The motorcycle is called Motorrad Vision Next 100. According to the company, the motorcycle would have features that would specifically reduce the risk of accidents that result in injuries.

One of those features is a unique self-balancing system that would keep the bike upright and in balance, both while it is in motion, and stationery. That significantly reduces or minimizes the risk of accidents caused by loss of balance or loss of control of the motorcycle.  The motorcycle would come with a visor that would allow for a display of all controls that were hitherto contained in the control panel. The control panel, as we know it now, would be completely eliminated from this new motorcycle.

According to BMW, the motorcyclist would exchange information with the vehicle using the smart visor. This would help expand the field of view of the motorcyclist, giving him not just protection from the wind, but also all the important and specific information that he needs. This information and data is directly transmitted into his line of sight through his smart display, allowing him to get the information that he needs immediately.

The motorcycle also has elements of smart car technology, with features that allow the motorcyclist to hand over control to the motorcycle at certain points. Autonomous self-driving car technology, which is currently in various stages of development would also be seen in this new generation of motorcycles.

The number of people killed in motorcycle accidents continues to remain stubbornly consistent. That is primarily because there is very little protection that a person has during a motorcycle accident. Some types of accidents can be instantly fatal. Even a motorcycle helmet may not help protect against fatal injuries. Reinvention of motorcycle design is a critical and crucially important factor in saving lives, and one that is long overdue. Enhanced auto safety technologies are helping prevent several motor vehicle accidents every year, and motorcyclists also need to enjoy the same kind of benefits. This will significantly help reduce the numbers of motorcyclists being killed in these accidents.

As the sport and recreational activity of motorcycling continues to grow in popularity, it is important that manufacturers invest in new technologies that can help eliminate the risk of accidents altogether. Just as electronic stability control systems, lane departure warning systems and collision avoidance systems help prevent the risk of accidents involving motor vehicles, these new generation motorcycle safety systems could help minimize the risk of accidents, keeping motorcyclists safe.

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