Mechanical Problem Is Focus of Indiana Bus Accident

bus%20close%20up.jpgInvestigations into the recent bus accident near Indianapolis, which killed three people, have already begun. Currently, investigators are looking at the possibility that mechanical malfunction, specifically with the bus’ brake pedals, could possibly have contributed to the fatal crash.

Three people were killed in the deadly accident that occurred when the bus which was returning home from a church camp in Michigan, overturned. The bust hit a wall while it was turning a curve, and then flipped over. The three dead included a young pastor and his wife. The third victim was a mother of five.

Some of the passengers were ejected from the bus at the time of the rollover. The most common injuries were contusions, head and neck injuries and back injuries. As many as 11 passengers of the bus, who were seriously injured in the accident, remain hospitalized. The bus was carrying teenagers returning from church camp, and many of the injured involved teenagers.

Local, federal as well as state agencies have already begun their investigations. They are now specifically looking at the driver’s complaint that there were brake problems before the crash. Investigators have been examining the brake pads, brake drums, and rods to detect whether brake malfunctioning caused the accident. According to investigators, they have already spoken to the driver in this accident, and he informed them that the brakes failed, just as the bus was exiting the highway.

In order to detect any evidence of a massive break failure, investigators have also analyzed the site of the accident to look for skid marks on the pavement that would denote a massive brake failure. So far, no charges have been filed in this accident.

The accident is likely to once again trigger debate about seat belts on buses. There is no information about whether the bus in this particular case came with seat belts, but supporters of mandatory seatbelt laws for all buses have claimed that seat belts can help reduce the risk of passenger ejection during a rollover. Investigations in this accident are likely to focus on other accident factors, including driver distractions at the time of the accident. According to some witnesses at the site of the accident, the bus was traveling at excessive speeds just before it crashed into the wall and flipped over.

Over the next few weeks, as more people add to the already very high bus passenger traffic in this country, the risk of such accidents is only likely to increase.

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