Marshal County Accident Kills Two

MARSHAL COUNTY – Two died as a result of a tragic accident at a busy intersection of just northwest of Bremen this week.

An 80-year-old and his wife were killed after being hit by a semi-truck. The man, driving an SUV, was killed instantly while his wife died later due to the injuries she sustained. The driver of the semi-truck was not hurt.

The incident occurred on Thursday. Police report that the driver of the SUV failed to stop at the intersection, crossing the path of the oncoming semi.

This event is another terrible example of the power of semi-trucks and the importance of caution when traveling the roadways. Police believe that the SUV driver was not paying attention because he was close to his home and familiar with the area, feeling more comfortable driving near his home. “Most accidents happen within a certain mileage of your home area,” reported Lt. James Strong of the Indiana State Police.

The investigation concerning the details of the collision is on-going.