Longer, More Trains Not Likely at This Time

IMG_20171125_181533_183-300x231Residents in the Muncie area have been especially concerned recently after seeing signs warning them about an increase in the frequency and length of trains crisscrossing the area. However, the railroad company in charge has assured commuters that they will not have to worry about longer and more frequent trains in the near future.

The Muncie region is already saturated with rail traffic. CSX Transportation operates 20 trains every day through Muncie, while Norfolk Southern operates 25 trains daily. CSX Transportation recently put up signs that announced an upcoming increase in the length of trains, as well as the number of trains operating in the area.

That had commuters worried because of the potentially serious issues involved. Commuters were worried about longer commute times while waiting at crossings. There was also a concern involving the risk of collisions between trains and vehicles or pedestrians due to the increased number of trains. 

CSX Transportation, however, has confirmed that even though the company had posted these signs, longer trains are not likely, at least for the foreseeable future. There are also no plans for increasing the number of trains right now.

The signs seem to have been part of an operating agreement that CSX Transportation signed with the Louisville and Indiana Railroad. As part of the agreement signed in 2015,  CSX Transportation agreed to provide the other company prior notice about any changes involving the company’s trains in these areas. Posting the signs seems to have been just an example of the company fulfilling its part of the agreement. For now, residents of Muncie need not worry about longer trains or greater number of trains in their area, but they must always be alert to the dangers around tracks running through their communities.

It is important for motorists and pedestrians to understand that trains have right of way at all times. Remember, a train cannot come to a complete stop quickly like a car. Drivers must take steps to stay safe when around a railroad crossing. Cross train tracks only at marked and designated crossing areas. Pay attention to all signs that are posted in these areas. Most of all, obey these signs stringently.  

Never loiter around railroad crossings; these are not recreational spaces.  Complete alertness when around a crossing is most important. Drivers should avoid distractions that prevent hearing or seeing a train. Avoid using your phone or listening to music on your headphones around a train crossing.  

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