Risk Factors for ATV Injuries

ATV%20001.jpgNew research finds that failure to wear helmets and riding ATV’s on the roads are two of the factors that increase the risk of accidents and injuries for drivers of all-terrain vehicles. According to the researchers, families continue to buy large vehicles for their children in spite of the fact that these vehicles are much harder to control for their children.

ATV’s continue a dangerous mode of transportation for the children of Indiana, in spite of the national spotlight on the lack of safety in these vehicles. Of special concern to Indiana personal injury lawyers is the use of adult-sized ATV’s by children. Far too many Indiana parents continue to give their children adult-sized ATV’s, wrongly believing that their children have the emotional maturity and the physical strength to control these large vehicles. Unfortunately, many accidents involving catastrophic injuries and fatalities, involve a larger sized vehicle.

Your child could also be at risk of an injury when they are riding as a passenger in on an ATV. There are dangers involved in both carrying passengers or riding as a passenger in these vehicles.

Yet another factor associated with a higher risk of injuries in ATV accidents is the failure to wear safety helmets. A child who is not wearing a helmet could be at a serious risk of head injuries in the event of an accident.

Children, who ride ATV’s on roads are also at a higher risk of being injured or killed in ATV accidents. However, riding adult- sized ATV’s was cited as the single biggest factor in child fatalities in ATV accidents. Approximately 95% of the fatalities in the study involved children riding a large-sized ATV. Before you buy a large-sized ATV for your child, take a moment to imagine the ATV rolling over, possibly trapping the child underneath hundreds of pounds of steel. It is a distressing picture undoubtedly, but it happens in almost all ATV accidents and results in catastrophic injuries or fatalities. These aren’t toys for children below the age of 16.

Children may find it harder to balance the vehicle by shifting their weight, because of their lower body weight. They may also be unable to grip the steering, because of their smaller-sized hands, and additionally may find it difficult to operate the brakes.

Often, ATV-related injuries are caused because of poor warning labels, lack of clear instructions, or defects in the vehicle. If your loved one has suffered injuries in an ATV accident, speak to an Indiana personal injury lawyer at our firm about whether you are eligible for compensation.