John Hopkins to Establish Patient Safety Institute

hospital%20corridor.jpgThe country’s very first patient safety institute dedicated entirely to issues related to the prevention of hospital and medical errors and enhancement of patient safety, will soon be a reality. Indiana medical malpractice lawyers welcome an announcement by John Hopkins that it is using a $10 million gift from the chairman of its board of trustees to establish a patient safety institute.

The Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality will focus on conducting research into patient safety techniques that can be used not just at John Hopkins, but also at hospitals and health care facilities around the country. The money has been gifted by C. Michael Armstrong, chairman of the Board of Trustees of Hopkins Medicine. According to Armstrong, the need for a patient safety institute like this seemed very dire to him because of the numerous medical errors that he saw in years of working at John Hopkins. According to a press release, the Armstrong Institute will devote itself to the testing of strategies that can be used in the prevention of patient harm.

While health care is a billion-dollar industry in the United States, precious few dollars are spent every year in safety and quality control initiatives. The focus on patient safety often leans towards the treatment of patients who have suffered injuries from medical errors or hospital-acquired infections, and not so much on the prevention of these in the first place. Initiatives like the Armstrong Institute can change that. An overwhelming majority of medical errors and hospital-acquired infections are preventable, with the means to minimize these errors easily available.

From checklists that streamline medical procedures to more effective hospital cleaning technologies, researchers are developing new ways to keep patients safe. The Armstrong Institute would serve as a center to test these techniques and promote their use.