Indianapolis Truck Accident Kills One, Injures Four Others

car%20crash.jpgInterstate I-65 in downtown Indianapolis was another scene of a horrific accident involving three semi-trucks and two cars. While details are still coming in, it appears that one of the tractor-trailers slammed into the rear of the first passenger car, pushing the vehicle into another semi, causing a chain reaction.

Rose Dillman, 41, the driver of the first vehicle has died. Four others were taken to local hospitals.

The speed limit along that stretch of I-65, north of Washington Street is posted at 50 mph. Often, traffic flows at a much higher speed, at times as high as 65 mph. This increases the risk to drivers in small cars. The investigation is still on going but the accident is another reminder of the need for caution when driving at high speeds around busy traffic, especially when large trucks are involved.

High speeds and busy traffic are a common problem. Add inattention and large trucks and the situation becomes dangerous. Even deadly.