Indianapolis Tow Truck Driver Injured

skid%20mark.jpgIndiana State Police responded to a call concerning a near fatal accident on the Indianapolis east side this past Tuesday morning. The accident occurred around 9:00 am when the driver of a van hit a tow-truck driver on westbound I-70.

Indianapolis Police report that the tow truck driver, Mark Daily was outside his vehicle, helping a broken-down car on the side of the highway. While he was working, a van ran over him. Police say that the driver of the car, 40-year old Ronald Stevens, failed to obey the law that requires a driver to move to another lane when service vehicles and emergency personnel are present. He was cited for unsafe lane movement and following too close.

The accident resulted in a chain reaction that involved three other vehicles, including a military Humvee. Two other people suffered minor injuries. While everyone involved in the incident is expected to recover, the accident is just another reminder of the need for Indiana drivers to follow simple, important steps that can prevent serious injuries to others.

1. Slow Down! Work zones, school zones, and flashing lights are no place to hurry. A car moving at 50 mph can require up to 57 yards to reach a complete stop. That is the nearly the length of 12 cars!
2. Pay attention. Distracted drivers are deadly drivers. Hang up the phone. Stop texting. Turn down the radio. Do not eat and drive. Be aware of the road ahead and any possible hazards. As a driver, you are responsible for being aware of your surroundings. You cannot do this if your mind is focused on other things.
3. Move to the other side of the road. Whenever possible, change lanes and make room for those who are working. It is not just a good idea…it is the law.

“Driving becomes so second nature to people that they don’t give it the attention that it deserves,” said Sgt. Dave Bursten of the Indiana State Police. “And just that moment lapse of attention to what you’re doing can have catastrophic results.”