Indianapolis Hospital Quality on Display

Indiana patients now have a tool that can help them make informed decisions concerning their health care. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has added new search data to their Hospital Compare web site. Using updated information and a slick new look, patients can access health care information concerning their local doctors and hospitals.

CMS%20website%20snapshot%20%281%29.jpgIndiana medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys are encouraged by this updated information and believe it will make a positive impact in the quality of health care available to Indiana consumers. Medicine is a competitive business. Hospitals and surgical centers are fighting for every health care dollar. We believe the ability to compare outcomes, various procedures, and nursing quality will influence area hospitals to invest additional resource in an effort to improvement Indiana’s health care.

The new and improved site provides detailed information for several procedures, comparing three healthcare providers and their facilities.

CMS%20website%20snapshot%20%282%29.jpgUsing the site is as easy as entering your area zip code, selecting the type of medical procedure you wish to research and pressing “Find Hospitals”.

Depending on the information you desire, the site will provide a list of hospitals in the local area. Select any three providers and compare their outcomes.

Once selected, the site will list the hospitals in a side-by-side comparison. Information listed can be as basic as the quality of nursing care (how quickly a call light is answered) or complex (the survival rate of cardiac care).

Making informed decisions concerning medical care is a smart choice for all Indiana patients.