Indiana Trucking Company Ordered to Shut Down for Safety Violations

truck%20tire.jpgThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is continuing its stepped-up enforcement of trucking safety rules. The agency recently ordered a trucking company in Indiana to shut down all transportation services immediately. The order came after a review of the trucking company’s compliance with federal trucking safety rules.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, it conducted a review of the company, U & D Service Inc., and found multiple federal trucking safety violations. These violations included a continuous pattern of employing drivers who do not possess valid commercial driver’s licenses. The agency also found in its review that the company frequently employed divers who did not meet federal requirements for English proficiency. A truck driver who is unskilled, untrained and does not possess a valid commercial driver’s license, could be at a much higher risk of committing a serious and possibly even fatal driving error.

Those are not the only driver-related rules that U & D Service Inc. is accused of breaking. The agency evaluation of the company’s compliance also found that the company drivers frequently exceeded vehicle weight limits and tire load limit restrictions. These violations constitute a serious highway safety hazard. A heavier overloaded truck can be a serious accident waiting to happen on a highway, because a driver could find it much more difficult to control the vehicle. Violating tire load limit laws could place a truck at a much higher risk of suffering a tire blowout while traveling on a highway. A tire blowout can lead to a rollover, or cause the truck to jackknife.

According to the agency, the company had been classified as a new entrant carrier on May 27, 2011, and had been subjected to increased scrutiny by the federal agency. Between November 3, 2011 and January 27, 2012, the agency conducted a number of roadside inspections of U & D Service Inc. trucks. A total of 26 inspections were conducted. The agency released its findings after these inspections.

The company’s drivers were cited a total of 12 times for lacking a commercial driver’s license and 10 times exceeding vehicle weight limits. There were also cited several times for exceeding tire weight limits and 21 times for English proficiency violations.
Indiana trucking accident attorneys are glad to see that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is now coming down hard on trucking companies, the source of most safety problems. Most drivers do not exceed truck weight limits and tire load limits without tacit encouragement from their trucking companies or employers.

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