Indiana Road Conditions Indicate Continued Caution

100_3311.jpgIndiana weather forecasters are reporting that the catastrophic ice storm has passed and clean up is underway. Local school corporations, daycare centers and businesses have closed for another day. Many state employees will stay home today. Cities remain closed. Even state universities have closed for another day. As of this writing more than 950 closings and delays have been reported.

As the wind subsides and the snow stops falling, salt trucks will pass through your neighborhood and scrape the layers of ice away. Schools will reopen and business will get back to normal. The attorneys Montross Miller Muller Mendelson & Kennedy urge Indiana drivers to proceed with caution for the next several days. While the road may appear clear, blowing winds and drifting snow has combined with sub-zero temperatures to keep the roads icy and slick. Black ice, snow drifts, and inattentive drivers can still pose hazards to unsuspecting and unprepared travelers.