Indiana Fireworks Injuries Are Preventable

fireworks.jpgIndependence Day Celebrations are about to begin in the Indianapolis area. You have probably already heard the pop and sizzle of the beginning celebrations. The 4th of July provides flashes of brilliant lights, booming explosions, and patriotic concerts. It is a grand event. However, Indiana residents must be on the alert for the inherent dangers of firework celebrations.

One of the most popular holiday fireworks is the common sparkler; a hand-held welding rod enjoyed by both adults and children. These glittering, fiery metal sticks can produce temperatures as high as 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. A third-degree burn can be caused by 220-degree temperatures. Safely using sparklers is critical to an enjoyable weekend. Safety is critical when using the bigger consumer fireworks, including assortment packages, aerials, firecrackers, fountains, roman candles, spinners, novelty items, and rockets.

Even a minor injury can ruin a wonderful weekend. Each year thousands of people end up in emergency departments or worse. As Indianapolis’ personal injury attorneys, we are concerned about your safety. We suggest you observe the following guidelines to keep your weekend safe and fun.

• Obey local laws • Do not use homemade fireworks • Use only the fireworks that are legal in your area • Only light fireworks one at a time • Drinking and fireworks are a dangerous combination • Light all fireworks away from buildings and in open areas • Keep a large water bucket or water hose available at all times • Never re-light a failed firework • Spectators should remain a safe distance from the lighting platforms • Always wear safety glasses • Report all illegal explosives
Enjoy the weekend. Celebrate your freedom. Make it a memorable weekend and keep it safe.