Indiana DOT Launches New Website to Prevent Accidents

Road%20Conditions.jpgAs Indiana personal injury lawyers, we are constantly monitoring efforts by our state to prevent automobile accidents, especially those that result in fatalities and catastrophic injuries. With winter here, the chances of accidents increase because of the challenges of driving in adverse weather conditions. That is why we are encouraged to see the Indiana Department of Transportation (DOT) using technology and the Internet to keep motorists in informed about road and traffic conditions that affects their safety.

The DOT has set up a new website at to keep motorists informed of road conditions. The website launched just before the Thanksgiving holiday, which kicks off a high-risk season for accidents in Indiana.

The site includes a map of the state with current road conditions on specific highways and interstates. Motorists can view specific highways via camera images. The map comes with different icons for closures, dangerous roads, crash sites, weather conditions and other issues. Motorists can also, at a quick glance, tell if road conditions are going to be good, fair or difficult, and plan their journey likewise. The website is constantly updated with information about road closures, traffic congestion, construction updates and accident data.

Such information will become even more vital when motorists travel in snow and icy weather conditions. By logging onto the site, you can determine the weather and traffic conditions on your route and plan your journey accordingly. As Indiana truck accident lawyers, we also believe the site will help commercial truck drivers, as they travel though congested winter highways.

DOT officials report that at some point in the future, Indiana residents will be able to receive all this information via cell phone.