Indiana Construction Fatality Occurs in Tragic Accident

backhoe2.jpgAn Indiana construction worker drowned under a Wabash, Indiana street on January 27, 2009. Stephen A. Walls, an employee of Environmental Construction, Inc., was working in a water main access pit when he was pinned by equipment and water from a nearby leak filled the space.

Despite attempts by Mr. Walls, he was unable to free himself from the pit. Workers at the scene were unable to rescue him from the water main access trench. The pit was drained and he was rushed to a local hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival. The final cause of death is pending autopsy.

While the facts of this case have yet to be fully investigated, this terrible accident serves as a reminder to companies throughout Indiana that the safety of their employees must come first. Businesses must constantly re-evaluate their policies and practices to ensure the safety and wellness of their workers.

Construction accidents are terrible events, whether they result in minor injuries, catastrophic damages, or devastating fatalities. They deserve a full investigation by the proper authorities and aggressive, competent representation so that the rights of workers and their families are protected.