Indiana Car Crashes Decrease in 2009

Speeding.jpgThere is good news for Indiana drivers! According to the Indiana University Public Policy Institute, Indiana’s fatal traffic accident rate dropped last year, reducing the number of people killed on Indiana highways by more than 12%.

The research center, based in Indiana-Purdue University of Indianapolis, produced the report that revealed the encouraging news. Unfortunately, this reduction still leaves an astounding 46,590 people who were injured or killed last year. In addition to the physical toll placed on Indiana residents, the high number of accidents results in more than $4.3 billion in property loss and medical care in 2009.

This year’s report indicates that 189,676 traffic collisions occurred in the state, resulting in injury or property damage. This is a 7.7 percent decrease from the previous year. Of those accidents, 631 resulted in fatal collisions; a 12.6 percent decrease from 2008. More encouraging is the trend over the past five reporting years. There were 855 fatal traffic accidents in 2005 and the number has continued to drop.

Nearly ten per cent of all collisions reported were found to be speed-related. But of those collisions that resulted in fatality, the number jumped to 21.6 percent.

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, alcohol continues to play a disastrous role when it comes to the personal injury of Indiana drivers. Of all the collisions documented in this year’s report, 4.7 percent were alcohol-related. Nearly 25 percent of all fatal collisions were a result of alcohol. This is an astounding number and authorities should continue to make every effort to reduce the number of alcohol-related deaths but the personal injury attorneys at our firm are encouraged by the five-year trend which shows a dramatic decrease in these numbers, over-all.

Unfortunately, the drop in accidents may also be related to the sharp drop in miles traveled across the state highways. With the increasing cost of fuel and the sharp rise in unemployment, fewer Indiana residents are taking to the roads.

The annual Crash Facts report is available to the public through the internet at no cost. With detailed maps and charts outlining the types of accidents and related information, the report is a helpful resource to Indiana residents.