Indiana Winter Weather Alert

Winter-Weather-300x204It’s hard to live in Indiana in the winter. While this year has been more mild than most, those trapped on Indiana roads in December know that conditions can change in a matter of minutes, making any commute a dangerous proposition.

It is critical that Indiana drivers prepare themselves for the sudden changes that winter can bring. A number of good safety tips can help make you and your loved ones safe while traveling on Indiana highways and byways over the next couple of months.

For instance, ensuring that your car is in good working order can reduce the possibility of being stranded on the side of the road. Winter temperatures that fall well below freezing are hard on batteries, belts and hoses. Have your car inspected, the battery tested, and make sure that all the fluids filled.  A full reservoir of windshield washer fluid can ensure that your visibility is at its best when driving in slushy, wet road conditions. If your tires are worn out, you will have limited control over your vehicle if the roads are covered in ice or snow. Having tires with a good tread is critical to safe driving.

You should also have at least a half-tank of gas at all times. This ensures that condensation is less likely to build up in the tank resulting in rough starts and possible stalls. Also, this allows the car to run longer if you happen to get stranded. For those drivers on December 17 who found themselves on Interstate 465 for eight hours, a full tank of gas was the difference between making it through the night and abandoning their cars.

An emergency preparedness kit should be in each car. This contains a flashlight and flares, an emergency blanket, jumper cables, and snacks. If possible, pack a compact snow shovel to help dig the car out, should it happen to be stuck in the snow. Some even suggest a bag of kitty litter as this can be put down in front of tires to help with traction, should there be ice or packed snow.

While Indiana conditions rarely turn to blizzard, it is always a good idea to stay with your car should you become snow-bound. The car can act as a shelter from any storm and leaving the vehicle puts you at risk for being lost, increased exposure to the elements, and makes it harder for rescuers to find you.

Finally, you should use extreme caution when driving in winter conditions. Speeds should be reduced; accelerate slowly and give yourself plenty of room between cars. Many accidents occur because drivers to not adjust for the conditions of the road. They fail to consider the very real dangers that await them when they continue to drive at a high rate of speed on ice and snow covered roads.

Driving on Indiana road in the winter can be quite challenging. But you can make it easier on yourself, and much safer for all involved if you follow a few simple steps and take extra precautions. Your safety is at stake.

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