How to Avoid Drunk Drivers

00%20glass.jpgEach holiday season, especially Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the number of intoxicated motorists on Indiana streets and highways reach the their highest numbers of the year. New Year’s Eve is the most alcohol-heavy day of the year, accounting for more drunk driving accidents than any other.

You might be cautious and may avoid driving under the influence of alcohol, but you will likely share the road with many intoxicated motorists who have not made the effort to curb their intake. What can a driver do to remain safe and out of the way of so many intoxicated motorists?

The first thing to do is to recognize signs of drunk driving. Be alert and watch out for drivers who are driving in the center of the road, straddling the lane marker, or tailgating another vehicle coming almost close to striking the vehicle in front.

Drunk drivers also typically turn with a wide radius and may switch between lanes haphazardly. They make illegal turns and may drive slower than the speed limit. If you find a driver who stops without any reason or brakes erratically, know that you are possibly driving near an impaired driver.

It is important to drive defensively during this time of year. In fact, all drivers should brush up your defensive driving skills.

First, a driver should stay as far from the drunk driver’s vehicle as possible. In addition, a driver should take the necessary action to assist other motorists on the road and keep them out of danger by calling 911 and reporting the driver. Provide the license plate number of the car, the make, model and color of the car, as well as the direction the car is traveling. Include any other details that you can offer.

What ever you do, do not attempt to stop the vehicle on your own – this is extremely dangerous. Do not try to follow the vehicle. The best thing that you can do for yourself and for other motorists, is to stay a safe distance from the intoxicated driver and report the incident to law enforcement officers who are trained to handle these situations.

Whenever possible, avoid rural Indiana roads over the holidays, and avoid traveling during night, especially after midnight. And always wear your seat belt while driving.

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