Hosting a Holiday Party? Here’s What You Need to Know.

IMG_20151206_194134-300x196It’s the season of office parties, and private get-togethers. The holiday season offers plenty of opportunity to entertain. However, these opportunities also come with a great risk: Alcohol-related injuries caused by your guests.

The office Christmas party is one of the most eagerly awaited event of your company calendar year. The alcohol flows freely at these events, and as the business owner and the host of the party, it is important to be aware of the risks placed on the employees and guests at these events. Years of public service announcements and community education inform us that people who consume alcohol, in even moderate quantities at your event are at risk of becoming intoxicated. Research shows that those who drive drunk, even slightly “buzzed” are at greater risk for being in a motor vehicle accident, resulting in severe injuries to others and themselves.

Similarly, if you are throwing a private party, this knowledge of increased alcohol-related risk must be on the forefront of the host or hostess’s mind. The behavior of guests who are under the influence of alcohol served by you at your venue does not end when they leave the front door. Their safety and the safety of other travelers is jeopardized. Multiple times each year in Indiana, party guest consume too much alcohol and are involved in serious, even fatal accidents. This holiday season, as the opportunity to entertain increases, stay aware of the need for safe and responsible hosting at all times.

Whether you are throwing an office party, or a private party, limit the amount of alcohol that your guests can drink. That may be easier said than done, but you can be creative and set limits for the amount of free alcohol that can be consumed. Make arrangements for the bar to shut down and start serving non-alcoholic options much before the evening ends. The last thing you want is for people to keep drinking right until the event ends, and stagger out in an intoxicated state.

Make sure that your event has plenty of non-alcoholic options for guests who want to maintain control over their drinking levels. Also offer plenty of food at your party. People who eat more tend to drink less. Besides, if the stomach is full of food, it may take a much longer time for the effects of alcohol to show up on the person.

Entertain lavishly, but responsibly this holiday season.  

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