Helmets Protect Indiana Bike Riders (Part I of III)

helmet.jpgWarm weather is finally arriving in Indiana. With the increase in temperature, Indiana streets are experiencing an increase in bicycle traffic. A stroll through any Indianapolis neighborhood will reveal both children and adults enjoying the freedom of a bike ride. As Indianapolis personal injury attorneys, we want to encourage everyone to enjoy the ride while being as safe as possible.

Since the invention of the “Walking Machine” in 1817 by Baron von Drais, people have enjoyed riding bikes. But throughout the history of this wonderful machine, safety has been of utmost concern. Builders have spent decades making improvements to the bicycle. They have engineered it to be stronger, go faster, and ride smoother; however, even the finest crafted bikes cannot keep you from a spill. As anyone who has tumbled from the two-wheel contraptions knows, falling from a bicycle, even at a slow speed, will do terrible things to your head and brain.

The biggest improvement to bicycle safety came with the invention of the bicycle helmet. The helmet was first introduced in 1970, a year before bicycling great Lance Armstrong was born! The Snell Memorial Foundation released the first bicycle helmet to the public. It was designed to protect the rider’s head from falls and other impact.

Since it first hit the shelves, the bicycle helmet has saved many lives. To increase their effectiveness and comfort, the helmets have gone through many design changes. Their primary purpose has remained the same: Protect the Rider.

According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, 2010 helmet designs offer several highlights:
– A sleeker look – A good range of prices – Safety (for helmets that meet CPSC requirements)
– Exotic materials – Ring Fit systems – Improved strap adjustment fittings on select models
Fit, comfort, and price are important factors for both children and adults when selecting a helmet that is right for them. A helmet is only effective if the rider wears it and wears it correctly.