Handheld Brain Injury Diagnostic Tool Could Soon Be Available

radiology%20of%20brain.jpgDiagnosing a traumatic brain injury in the future could be as simple as using a handheld tool to administer a simple blood test. Researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have announced that they are currently developing a brain injury diagnostic tool that can be used to diagnose injuries on the spot using a handheld device.

The device can be used to administer a blood test to a person who has suffered a brain injury. The test will determine the presence of a specific protein that is released into the blood stream of the victim soon after a brain injury. The test will determine the existence of the protein as well as assess the quantities of the protein, in order to determine the severity of the injury.

Many cases of brain injury have less than promising outcomes, because of delayed treatment for these patients. There is no complete cure for brain injuries, and there are no medications that can completely restore the function of the brain to the levels before the injury. Doctors can attempt to reduce the severity of the brain injury, by beginning treatment immediately. For this, it’s important that diagnosis be completed as quickly as possible.

Currently, doctors use a variety of methods like CT scans to detect bleeding in the brain and other signs of injury. However, if doctors had access to a handheld device that they could use to administer a simple test soon after injury, they could diagnose the injury much quicker.

Using this device, you can determine whether the person needs to head back to the hospital for further checkups, or for treatment, or whether the injuries might not be severe enough to require a hospital visit. In this manner, patient outcomes can be dramatically improved.

The technology requires very minute amounts of fluids in order to provide a diagnosis. A microliter droplet of blood may be enough to administer the test. Currently, researchers are working on making the device much more sensitive, so that it can provide more accurate and relevant information to doctors.

Brain injuries are the most devastating injuries suffered by Americans, with approximately 1.7 million Americans suffering a head injury every year. These injuries result in as many as 235,000 hospitalizations. More than 50,000 people are killed as a result of brain injuries.

Automobile accidents and falls constitute 2 of the major causes of brain injuries in the United States. Among all kinds of automobile accidents, bicycle and motorcycle accidents involve some of the highest rates of brain injuries. Wearing a helmet can reduce the potential for an injury, but cannot completely guarantee that a motorcyclist or bicyclist will not suffer an injury. That is why it is so important to help prevent these injuries altogether.

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