Greene County Construction Workers’ Safety Improved by Agreement

INDIANAPOLIS – Worker safety is on the front of everyone’s mind in a new cooperative agreement between Fred Weber, Inc and the Indiana Department of Labor (IDOL). The agreement gives IDOL permission to review and approve Fred Weber, Inc’s written safety program for its workers on the I-69 construction project to begin in Greene County later this year. The collaboration will remain in place for two years.
The I-69 extension is a small part of the controversial and ambitious highway project that will ultimately stretch from Indianapolis to Evansville and beyond. The project will take many years and require hundreds of construction workers. The 11-mile stretch of highway effected by this agreement is a section running into Greene County, south of Bloomington.

The contract requires Fred Weber to keep worker injuries and illnesses to a rate that is 13% lower than industry averages. It also requires that any work performed above six feet in height will be done utilizing safety harness and fall prevention equipment.

Indiana personal injury attorneys applaud this collaboration. Worker safety is of primary importance in the construction industry. Any steps taken to prevent injuries and death are a step in the right direction.

The attorneys at Montross Miller Muller Mendelson & Kennedy, LLP will closely follow the results of this partnership in the years to come and encourage all employers to do everything possible to keep their workers safe.