FMCSA Working on Safety Technologies to Prevent Accidents

truck1.jpgThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is in the process of developing/rolling out new technologies to help enhance trucking safety and keep Americans safer. As expected, these technological developments are the kind that make Indiana truck accident attorneys very happy.

First, the agency is in the process of finalizing technological devices that can help prevent rear-ender tractor-trailer accidents. These accidents kill 165 people in the country every year, and injure more than 1,600 more. The agency is considering lighting systems that will alert approaching motorists to the tractor-trailer.

One system involves the presence of two sets of six LED lights each that will be activated when a radar device detects a vehicle getting too close to the back of the truck. When the lights are activated, it alerts the motorist to the rig, thereby preventing an accident. The agency is also considering other lighting configurations that will alert motorists to the back of the truck, but for now, this system seems to be the most promising. The FMCSA hopes to begin field operational testing of the system by the end of 2010.

The second major technological development the FMCSA is in the process of finalizing, is an online system to prevent Commercial Driver’s License fraud. This continues to be a major problem across the country. In fact, the incidence of serious licensing fraud has been a concern during the recession, with fly-by-night truck driver training schools cropping up across the country, and luring unemployed Americans to the prospect of quick and easy CDL’s.

There is no such thing as a quick and easy CDL. The FMCSA realizes this, and has developed a system through which all CDL testing will be conducted. All results are computerized, and there are checks on testing variations. A single examiner conducting an abnormally high number of tests in a single day, for instance, could suggest fraud. The system will be wired to catch such instances.

These are two more of the steps the FMCSA is taking to keep both truck drivers and motorists safer, and as the year progresses, we hope to see more such developments.