Indiana Trucking Employers Gain Access to Driver Accident Records

Trucking companies in and around Indiana will now be able to access updated accident and inspection records of potential drivers, on a website that has just been launched by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The website was promised by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood last year. Calls for a website like this that allows for easy 24-hour access to a job applicant’s inspection and accident records, have been growing for a while now. Such data would allow employers to screen a job applicant’s accident records dating back five years, and inspection records dating back three years. This data could help tremendously in making a hiring decision. Until now, such data had been available only to federal and state enforcement agencies. Now, employers in Indiana will have access to the very same data that the FMCSA has had access to all these years.

Users of the website will be charged $10 for every record they access. The records are easily available to trucking companies as well as truck drivers who are applying for a position.

Trucking companies are not required to access these records before they hire a driver, but it is obviously highly recommended that they do so. As Indiana truck accident lawyers, we are very pleased to note that the trucking industry has shown great interest in the website.

Indiana truck accident lawyers often come up against trucking companies who seem oblivious to their trucker’s past accident record. With a website like this, there is no excuse for trucking companies to remain blissfully unaware of their employees’ accident and safety history.