Feds Getting Tougher on Trucking Safety

burning%20bus.jpgOver the years, the federal administration has been criticized for its failure to take action against trucking companies that flout federal regulations and operate under a series of violations. That criticism is likely to dissipate in the wake of a number of recent steps taken against errant trucking companies.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been increasing enforcement action against errant trucking companies, especially those who are in violation of federal regulations and increasing the risk of truck accidents. The federal agency recently established a special task force given the task of conducting inspections and investigations of commercial bus and trucking companies and to recommend action against errant companies. In light of this action, a number of bus and trucking companies were ordered to suspend operations for violations, while several drivers and trucking companies were also cited for various violations.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently ordered a Colorado-based trucking company to cease trucking operations and declared the company to be an imminent hazard to public safety. The federal agency in its investigations determined that the company was operating unsafe vehicles, in spite of having been cited earlier by the agency in December for several safety violations. The agency conducted a series of inspections of the company’s vehicles and found that each of them violated safety regulations.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has also been increasing enforcement action against bus companies that continue to operate their services, even after being ordered to shut down. Recently, the agency took action against a Houston-based carrier regarding charges that were related to a fatal bus accident in 2008. Two persons involved in the bus company operations have been taken into custody. The accident occurred in Sherman in Texas in 2008, and killed 17 passengers and injured 38. It was one of the worst bus accidents in US history, and just a few weeks before that accident a series of inspections revealed several safety violations. In fact, the agency had ordered the company to stop operations, but the company failed to comply. Those violations ultimately lead to the accident just a few weeks later.

Through these actions, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is sending out a firm and unmistakable message to commercial trucking and bus companies: Lax adherence to federal safety regulations will simply not be accepted any longer. In fact, companies that flout safety regulations and continue to operate trucks and buses that are in no condition to be operated, or hire unskilled or untrained drivers to operate these vehicles can expect to be called out by the federal administration. Companies that violate safety rules may even be ordered to suspend operations indefinitely.

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