Feds Criticized: Failure to Remove Unsafe Buses

bus%20tires.jpgEarlier this year, three people were killed in a church bus accident in Indianapolis. The bus was carrying 37 passengers at the time. Prosecutors have already announced that they do not plan filing any charges in the crash. This and other fatal accidents in recent months in Indiana and across the country, have spurred the National Transportation Safety Board to criticize the federal administration.

The Board recently had very strong words for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and its failure to remove unsafe bus and truck companies from the road. The Board’s comments came as part of its report after an investigation conducted into a bus accident that occurred in California earlier this year. Seven passengers were killed when a tour bus crashed into a pickup truck. The accident has primarily been blamed on malfunctioning brakes on the bus.

The National Transportation Safety Board has also outlined a number of other factors that possibly contributed to this accident, including the fact that the company that operated the bus had a long history of safety violations. According to the Board, the company had frequently failed safety inspections conducted by the federal administration but in spite of this fact, no action was taken to shut the company down. The bus carrier was only shut down after the fatal accident that killed seven people.

The National Transportation Safety Board is not mincing words. According to the Board, the federal administration must begin putting unsafe bus and trucking companies out of service and off the roads before they are involved in a fatal accident, and not after. In fact, the National Transportation Safety Board Chairman is calling on the Department of Transportation to conduct an audit of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s program to police bus companies.

The Board believes that the current rules for oversight over bus and trucking companies simply do not seem to be working. There is simply insufficient policing of the bus and trucking companies on our highways, and far too many companies are getting away with putting large commercial vehicles on our street, operated by unskilled or untrained drivers, or having malfunctioning or defective parts.

If you are planning a bus trip any time soon, be a smart passenger and download the Safer Bus mobile app that has been developed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The app allows you to check the safety record of the carrier you are planning to choose. The app will allow you to go through the company’s safety performance record, and even file a complaint about the bus that you are currently on.

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