FDA Urges Parents to Discard Teething Gels

baby handParents who are currently using homeopathic teething gels for their infant children must heed a new warning by the Food and Drug Administration. The federal agency recently issued the warning that these homeopathic teething products, including gels and tablets, are possibly linked to a heightened risk of fatality in infants.

The agency is asking all parents to stop using these products for their children, and requests that parents dispose of these immediately.  These homeopathic products were distributed by a number of drugstores, including CVS, and are also available online.

The federal agency is asking parents to look out for symptoms, including shortness of breath, constipation, muscular weakness, flushing of the skin, and urinary difficulties after using the teething gels. If your child shows symptoms of agitation, or suffers seizures, get medical help immediately. If your child is currently teething, ask your doctor for safe teething products that can be used without the threat of side effects.

The FDA says that it has received a number of reports that have involved adverse health effects in children who were given these teething products. These reports also include at least 10 fatalities linked to children who were given these teething products. The agency is currently investigating these reports, but these investigations will take a while to complete. For now, the agency is strongly recommending that parents avoid using these products. Several retailers including CVS have since pulled these products from their shelves.

The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the safety of pharmaceutical drugs and devices, but when it comes to homeopathic products, the situation is very different. The agency does not evaluate or issue approvals for homeopathic drugs and products. However, it does allow products that meet certain criteria to be marketed to the public without undergoing the rigorous procedures necessary for approval by the agency. For example, the agency lists certain ingredients that must be included in a product for it to be marketed to the public.

This lack of stringent regulation of the homeopathic drug industry has meant that many homeopathic products and alternative remedies are marketed to the public without strict regulation. These products have not passed through the usual regulatory procedure, and therefore, there is little way of knowing whether they can cause harm to consumers.

Unfortunately, as is also often seen with other herbal and natural supplements, like bodybuilding and weight loss supplements, these products often have an adverse effect on consumer health. They can contain ingredients that may not be entirely safe for human consumption, and often, the result is adverse symptoms, complications and side effects.  Some of those side effects could even be deadly. The FDA’s lack of regulation places the lives of millions of Americans who use these products at risk.

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