ER Errors That Lead to a Med Mal Lawsuit

Stethescopic DeviceAn emergency room provides health professionals a very different work environment from those that doctors in other medical fields are exposed. By its very nature, the emergency room tends to be chaotic, even disorganized, and many medical negligence factors like under-staffing, seem more pervasive.

There are several types of emergency room errors that can occur as a result of the fast-paced, understaffed setting, and wide variety of medical presentations.  The more common of these errors involves a wrong diagnosis. In fact, according to some statistics, as many as 20% of all emergency room errors involve misdiagnosis, wrong diagnosis, delayed diagnosis, or some other type of diagnostic errors. It may seem like diagnostic errors are to be expected in a fast-paced, hectic environment like an emergency room where the focus is on treating patients as quickly as possible and getting them out of the ER and to the floor or back home as fast as possible.  Often there is a long line of other patients waiting for treatment.

However, the rate of these errors can be minimized by ordering immediate and appropriate tests. Failure to order appropriate tests, or to evaluate test results quickly and accurately is one of the major reasons why diagnostic errors are so common in hospital emergency rooms. The pace of the emergency room, one that values speed and efficiency over accuracy above all else, is also one of the reasons why misdiagnoses or wrong diagnosis are so often experienced.

Once a diagnosis has been made, treatment should often begin immediately. Unfortunately, in many cases, treatment doesn’t begin on time, and that failure to provide timely medical assistance to patients could possibly prove deadly. Apart from failure to treat, failure to properly evaluate and monitor a patient during treatment is also a primary concern in an ER, and such failure often results in serious injury to a patient.

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