Drowsy Driving Prevention: Are You Making These Mistakes?

sleepiness.jpgThere is a silent killer which contributes to more than 100,000 accidents every year on American roads: Drowsy Driving.

A recent survey indicated exactly how uneducated and uninformed American motorists are about this important issue. The surveyors asked respondents how they combat fatigue at the wheel. The researchers found some surprising answers. Far too many American motorists are using ineffective strategies to combat sleepiness while driving. Some of the strategies include:
* Slapping one’s face * Splashing water on the face or neck * Playing loud music * Turning on the air conditioning * Opening up the windows or sunroof * Exercising * Smoking
However, according to the researchers, none of these tactics are very effective in keeping sleepiness away while driving. The most effective method to address it problem may be as simple as pulling over somewhere safe and taking a brief nap. A nap of about 30-minutes should help clear drowsiness, refresh your mind, and put you once again in a safe mental state.

The research found that many motorists misuse caffeine and other stimulants in an effort to try staying awake. They simply chug gallons of coffee and avoid napping, believing that the caffeine will help them stay alert. Caffeine is undoubtedly a quick fix for drowsiness; however, it can do only so much to keep you alert and awake. Eventually, the effect of the severe lack of sleep will kick in, and when that happens a driver will experience extreme fatigue.

To avoid drowsy driving on long journeys, it is recommended that you take a partner with you. Take turns while driving and help reduce the monotony of the trip.

Most importantly, make sure you get plenty of sleep before driving a long trip. Recognize the signs of drowsy driving, and if you find yourself becoming tired, pull over somewhere safe and sleep, before you cause an accident, or something far worse.