Driving with Pets: Are You Making A Serious Mistake?

Fido%200133.jpgDriving around, with your dog unrestrained, unsecured, and with his head hanging out the window, is not only dangerous for him but also for you. Unfortunately, far too many dog owners think nothing of driving around without bothering to restrain their pets safely in the car. That increases their risk of an accident.

For one thing, the dog may get distracted, walk around the car, and may try to cross over from the back seat to the front. He may get fidgety and may try to sneak into your lap. All these constitute distractions, taking your attention away from the task of driving. Besides, if you are involved in an accident, an unrestrained dog immediately turns into a deadly projectile that can cause severe injuries.

In spite of all these dangers, a new study conducted by the AAA found that as many as one in five persons take their hand off their steering wheel while driving in an effort to keep their dog from climbing into the front seat. This is also in spite of the fact that there are a variety of pet travel products in the market to prevent this kind of situation.

Summer vacation season is well under way, and that means families will travel more and many will have their furry companions in the car. Be a responsible dog owner and ensure that your dog is riding safely. Parents know enough not to let their child ride unrestrained in the car, and there is no reason to do the same with a dog.

There is a wide variety of travel products that are specially designed for a canine traveler. You can choose from seatbelts that are designed specifically for larger sizes or smaller size breeds. Drivers can also invest in seat barriers that can prevent a dog from climbing into the front seat. For small dogs, a pet carrier may be the best solution for breeds that are up to 20 pounds.

If your dog refuses to ride unrestrained because it obstructs his view, get a booster seat that gives him a safe and elevated position and a good view. Make sure that your booster seat is sized appropriately for your dog, however.

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