The Dangers of Slow Driving

Slow-Driver-Image-300x216Speeding, or driving too fast, is one of the top three traffic accident factors across the state of Indiana every year. However, driving far too slowly can also be a real road hazard.

Take for example, a slow driver and a frustrated driver behind him. The frustrated motorist may get impatient and may try to overtake the slow-poke motorist, revving up speeds in a possibly dangerous situation. In a case like this, the slow motorist may not be directly responsible for an accident, but the bad driving has definitely contributed to a dangerous scenario. Drivers who go too slowly for the road conditions also contribute to road rage or aggressive driving by other frustrated motorists.

In fact, slow driving or left lane camping in some states, including Indiana, is considered such a serious hazard that there are penalties that apply to motorists who drive too slowly in the “fast lane”.  These penalties punish drivers who block the traffic in the left lane, possibly creating a serious traffic hazard.

The kind of impact that a high-speed accident causes cannot be overstated. On the other hand, driving too slowly also creates its own set of traffic hazards. Left lane campers who stay in the left lane and seem oblivious to all that is happening around them, are extremely dangerous. 

The types of accidents that are caused by tailgating, overtaking, and road rage or aggressive driving, are definitely not minor accidents. They can cause permanent and possibly serious injuries, including whiplash, neck injuries, and other types of injuries. Be a courteous driver, and maintain safe and optimum speeds in order to keep traffic moving safely and smoothly.

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