A Drunk Driving Deterrent?

expensive.jpgMaking alcohol expensive could probably go a long way in helping reduce the number of alcohol-related fatalities on Indiana roadways every year. According to the results of new research, when alcohol is made more expensive, there’s a significant reduction in drunk driving and consequently, a reduction in the number of drunk driving accident fatalities recorded.

The researchers based their findings on an analysis of drunk driving accident fatalities in the state of Illinois, where alcohol taxes increased significantly in 2009. The researchers found that after the alcohol taxes were increased, there was a significant decrease in the number of alcohol-related fatalities recorded in Illinois. Fatalities dropped by 26%, and the sharpest increase was seen in the case of young people.

The researchers believe that alcohol has become much less expensive over the past few years because of reductions in taxes. In 1950, the average person spent approximately half of his disposable income to drink more than 10 alcohol beverages in a day. However, in 2011, a person spent only 3% of his disposable income to drink the same number of beverages. We are making it easier for people to binge drink, and that is the problem. It’s quite affordable to binge drink, a practice that contributes to a large number of drunk driving accidents every year.

The beverage industry, however, contradicts the findings, and says that when alcohol taxes are increased, it has no impact on binge drinkers. The industry insists that it is the moderate drinkers who are affected when alcohol taxes are increased.

Regardless of how expensive alcohol is, motorists need to monitor their drinking capacity and their ability to get home safely after drinking. If you are out drinking and know that you’re going to be driving yourself home later, avoid drinking completely, or restrict yourself to just one or two beverages.

Stay sober if you’re the designated driver for your group of friends, and if you are planning to drink excessively, make sure that you designate someone as a driver.

Ultimately, motorists must become more responsible about their behaviors after drinking alcohol, and the fact that those behaviors could place their lives and the lives of other motorists at risk.

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