Common Childbirth Injuries to the Mother

baby-1178539_1280-300x199The birth of a child is a profoundly beautiful moment and the most memorable for any mother. However, in far too many cases, it is an experience that results in severe physical and mental trauma to the mother, with long-term consequences. Birth injuries to the mother are not spoken about as much as injuries to the new born, but they do occur.

Some of the more common injuries that women can suffer during childbirth include, vaginal tears, lacerations or fissures, incorrect suturing, fractures, nerve damage, excessive uterine bleeding, failed cesarean surgeries, infections, uterine rupture, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, peri-partum emergencies and even wrongful death.

All of these and many others not listed here are preventable if doctors, nurses and medical personnel take all possible precautions at the time of and before delivery. Medical personnel must ensure that the mother has a safe delivery.

If not, these injuries may result in lifelong consequences. For instance, some uterine injuries can cause urinary incontinence and double incontinence, leaving the mother unable to control her bladder and bowel movements. They may also result in painful sex, and consequently, reduced self-esteem and poor quality of marital life. Birth-related fistulas are injuries that leave women traumatized.

What makes things even more difficult for a mother who has suffered an injury during child birth is that often, the focus after is on the health of the baby, and very little attention is paid to the mother. In many cases, women do not even come out to talk about the injuries that they have suffered. There are few statistics available on the exact number of women who suffer such childbirth injuries every year. Most new mothers are left to reach out to support groups and online forums in order to discuss their symptoms and conditions with other women who have suffered through the same ordeal.

In some cases, women who have suffered injuries may fail to even realize that their symptoms are linked to the injuries suffered during childbirth. For instance, women who suffer double incontinence or lack of bladder and bowel control may not realize that injuries during childbirth are responsible for their condition. Many of the health problems that are related to childbirth injuries, like incontinence, are embarrassing to discuss even with a spouse. Not surprisingly, therefore, women go for months without seeking help, or realizing that their delivery had anything to do with the injuries.

How can you help reduce the risk of such injuries during childbirth? First, be informed about the childbirth choices that are available to you. For instance, bigger children can be a risk during a vaginal delivery, and women need to be aware of this. Having suffered injuries during a previous delivery is a big indicator of the increased risk of injuries in a subsequent delivery. If you are pregnant, discuss these matters with your obstetrician to increase your chances of a safe and happy delivery.

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