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IMG_20171125_181533_183-300x231Residents in the Muncie area have been especially concerned recently after seeing signs warning them about an increase in the frequency and length of trains crisscrossing the area. However, the railroad company in charge has assured commuters that they will not have to worry about longer and more frequent trains in the near future.

The Muncie region is already saturated with rail traffic. CSX Transportation operates 20 trains every day through Muncie, while Norfolk Southern operates 25 trains daily. CSX Transportation recently put up signs that announced an upcoming increase in the length of trains, as well as the number of trains operating in the area.

That had commuters worried because of the potentially serious issues involved. Commuters were worried about longer commute times while waiting at crossings. There was also a concern involving the risk of collisions between trains and vehicles or pedestrians due to the increased number of trains. 

train-trackes-0766-300x225Federal agencies are currently considering a set of proposals that would regulate the transportation of hazardous materials on oil trains across the country and through communities. The proposals, would keep Indiana communities safer when these trains travel through their areas.

There is no doubt that the shale oil production boom in the US has benefited local Indiana communities. Much of that oil is transported across the Northeast Indiana region every week on oil trains. These crude products are transported on oil trains via railroads, and have contributed to boosting the local economy.

However, behind the economic boom hides another tale. At least since the beginning of 2013, there have been 10 oil train accidents – not just the US and also in Canada – and these have resulted in severe environmental damage and major fires. Residents have been forced to evacuate their homes, and in one case in Québec, 47 people were killed in an oil train derailment.

train%20crossing.jpgThe news reports from Gary, Indiana tell of another tragic accident involving a commuter train and a conversion van. In this case, the driver of the van went around lowered crossing guards, ignoring the flashing warning lights that were activated to prevent traffic from crossing the tracks. The driver’s attempt to beat the oncoming train resulted in the fatal collision. The impact ejected him from the vehicle and caused his unfortunate death.
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